Seminars: Built for Your Business

Get the latest insights from thought leaders in marketing, strategy, management, and consumer behavior. What makes the Think Institute different? We go beyond delivering the latest insights in disciplines that are essential for growing you business at an optimal rate.


Change Management for the 21st Century

Let the experts motivate your workforce, advise your executive team, and give your company insights that can accelerate it into the future. Whether it's one of our riveting public speaking engagements or brainstorming sessions with your executive team, we have the creative minds and industry experts to bring it all together. Get the knowledge you need for optimal growth—and give your company a substantial competitive edge


Leadership for the 21st Century

This seminar is critical for companies looking to maximize growth opportunities in a competitive marketplace. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative for organizations to adapt to changing conditions. The seminar teaches executives how to leverage the seven principles for market dominance—and how to take advantage of the market dynamics in the 21st century.


Influencing Consumer Behavior

This seminar teaches business leaders how to leverage the most powerful tools in consumer marketing to influence behavior and shape market place perceptions. The goal of this session is to provide executives, marketers, sales professionals, and small business owners with the tools to tap into the minds of their customers—and influence the way they think about their products and services.


Fostering Innovation and Creativity

This seminar teaches executives how to create a working environment that fosters innovation and creativity. As companies continue to grow, layers of bureaucracy often suppress the creative mind. As result, this seminar is designed to help you unleash the creativity of work groups and departments to give your company the edge.


The New Customer Service Paradigm

Evolving customer preferences are driving changes in the business environment. With the availability of competitor information over the web, customers are not only learning what's available, but also demanding more and more. Today, the customers are in charge—and they know it. As a company competing in today's competitive marketplace, it is important to understand the new paradigm shift in customer service—and get prepared to create a loyal customer following.


Building Brand Equity

A brand can become your most valuable asset. In this seminar, participants learn how to leverage the dynamics of customer behavior and create a brand that is unique, believable, and defendable.


M3 Breaking the Rules

The fields of marketing, management, and motivation are changing quickly. Conventional wisdom is now and get a virtual guest appearance from one of the biggest names in motivational speaking.